Colorado Sushi Spot Creates World’s First ‘Marijuana Pairing Menu’

TREND ALERT: upscale restaurants all over Colorado are (probably) cursing Hapa Sushi for being the first to develop a pairing menu that has absolutely nothing to do with alcohol.

Not only does said menu suggest entrees that might just taste better under the influence of certain plant breeds (try the Pakaloko Shrimp after some “Pakistani Kush”), it also includes a few other messages intended for that affected demographic: copy announces that the dining room is “ergonomically designed to reduce paranoia”, and this “happy legalization” page needs no explanation.

Screen Shot 2014-01-09 at 11.18.21 AM

Would you believe there’s an agency behind this? Of course there is.

It’s TDA_Boulder.

Now we’re gonna make a sweeping generalization with the help of The Atlantic: one thing that all the recent conversations about marijuana have made clear is that weed is not cool—and it hasn’t been that way for quite a while.

That’s OK, though: it still makes for some easy marketing stunts.

(H/T to PSFK)