Colorado Newspaper Calls Editor & Publisher ‘Irrelevant,’ Its Editor ‘Left’; E&P Editor Responds While Vacationing

Via Rocky Mountain News editor John Temple‘s editor’s blog:

If you read Greg Mitchell‘s columns on Iraq and now the Israel/Hezbollah conflict it’s clear why Editor & Publisher has become increasingly irrelevant.

Mitchell, the editor of the trade magazine and web site, spends a lot of time taking on the press from a liberal/left viewpoint.

Here are a few examples:

“Blood on Our Hands
One month after pundits and editorialists, following the lead of the president, declared (yet again) new hope in Iraq, the death toll is soaring and alleged atrocities mount. Who, now, will dare speak up?”

“Few Editorials Find Fault with the Bombing of Beirut
It’s one thing to endorse Israel’s right to defend itself and retaliate. It’s another to remain silent on the crime of causing mass destruction and civilian deaths in neutral areas of Lebanon.”

Greg Mitchell‘s response — while on vacation:

Since I’m on vacation, there’s good reason to simply ignore John Temple’s hysterical blog blast against yours truly (and, more disturbingly, E&P), but I will sketch out a few points here.

First, I guess Temple, editor of the Rocky, has nothing more pressing to discuss with his core readers out in Colorado who have never heard of E&P and could care less about how great or bad we are. The reader comments for that posting on Temple’s blog tell the story: He didn’t inspire a single response for nearly two days (until the posting was linked to a national audience on Romenesko). Yet Temple accuses E&P of not serving its readers! How about a local editor taking time out to write a piece that no one in his audience cares about?