Colonel Meow Grants an Audience to Animalist

New slate for jokey digital net includes tyrannical Himalayan

Well, it's official. Revision3's Animalist digital channel (where Animal Planet fans go to hang out) is now your one-stop shop for cats with talk shows. It's a good time to be a self-absorbed quadrupedal predator, generally—Cole the Black Cat, Truther Cat, and several other cats will be making appearances on the network, with promising slots also reserved for sharks and Tay Zonday (yes, he of Chocolate Rain fame). Also something called Animals With Low Self-Esteem.

But the greatest addition of them all, of course, is that of Colonel Meow, the tyrannical overlord of some L.A. couple's apartment, whose hijinks have delighted loyal YouTube subjects. He is much better than Li'l Bub and Maru and Teddy the Asshole Cat and he rewards loyalty with his favor, but his wrath is terrible to behold. He is coming … let me see, okay, he is coming to receive your adulation and praise and lots of Iams, please. Every week.

Behold his glory in the video box above.

So, my wife is okay, right? You'll be letting her go soon?