CollegeHumor, Visible Measures Team for Nestea

IAC’s CollegeHumor has enlisted some of its top original in-house talent , along with the fast-growing video analytics firm Visible Measures, for Coca-Cola’s Nestea to create a unique contest and corresponding series of original videos–which as of late last week had reached a total of four million unique viewers.

The frat-boy-centric site last month entered a multi-pronged partnership with Nestea, its digital agency MediaVest and Visible Measures, a four-year old Boston, Mass.-based technology firm which tracks video across the Internet. At the heart of the deal was an off-the-wall sponsored contest called Truck Load of Awesomeness which kicked off on May 6.

That contest invited the site’s mostly young male users to list what they’d like to receive a an actual truck full of—e.g. a truck filled with chicken nuggets, golf balls, pennies, etc. The winner, who will be selected on June 6, will actually receive a truck load of his or her selected item—which CollegeHumor will film and post online. According to Visible Measures, from May 6 through May 17 the contest drew 2.6 million unique visitors and garnered over 5,800 entries.

To promote the contest, CollegeHumor tapped several of its comedy franchises to create branded entertainment videos—the performance of which were then tracked by Visible Measures—including how many views they generated and how many users shared them with others. An original clip featuring the characters Jake & Amir who depict fictional CollegeHumor employees generated 100,000 views as of last week.

Similarly, an original branded entertainment video featuring the long-running CollegeHumor comedy series Hardly Working has generated a similar number of views. In both cases, the clip’s actors were seen drinking and/or referencing Nestea.

A third custom-created video, starring a fictional Nestea mascot named “Steve”–proved to be the most successful, drawing 1.8 million unique viewers from May 12 through May 19, per Visible Measures. That video was launched in conjunction with a Nestea homepage takeover of

The Nestea deal, which according to sources brought in close to $500,000, is one of several recent branded entertainment packages sold through by CollegeHumor. Recently the site employed its comedic team to produce originals for Axe, Mountain Dew and Trojan, said officials.