College Student Submits Nicolas Cage Photo to Career Center Instead of Resume

How’s this for accuracy?  Or better yet, a major faux pas.

Just yesterday we issued a friendly reminder about the importance of submitting accurate job applications but a student at York University in Toronto made a major blunder while sending an e-mail.

As a job seeker, the last thing you want to do is make a mistake (let alone have it go viral), but in the spirit of keeping things light with the job search, we can’t resist from sharing.

The Wall Street Journal reported Vanessa Hojdaaccidentally attached a photo of Nicolas Cage to her job application. She e-mailed the career center at York regarding an administrative assistant opening. In lieu of her resume and cover letter, Hojda attached a deer-in-headlights headshot of the actor!

Luckily, Hojda kept her sense of humor about it and blogged about it on her Tumblr account. She wrote in all caps, “Jesus Christ I accidentally sent my potential future boss a picture of Nic Cage…Oh my God.”

Fortunately, her career center pointed out the major mistake which has since gone viral but lesson learned: Always save your resume file as a recognizable name and second, always, always, always proof your submission before hitting send.

(And for the record, no she didn’t get the job. It had already been filled.)

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