College Senior Recaps Summer Radio Internship: “Be Willing & Have a Good Attitude”

Ah, it’s good to be a college student. Very good if you’re Sarah Scroggins, senior at Texas Tech University.

The broadcast journalism major told The New York Post while working for 92.3 FM’s digital media department she got to see Justin Bieber and, but more importantly she got an experience to bolster her resume.

She explained to the newspaper, “I hoped I would meet people, but I didn’t know for sure, so that was exciting for me.”

Honing her chops and channeling her dream to become a talk show host, she added, “I’ve always said I want to ‘Ryan Seacrest’ my career — I think he’s a great interviewer.”

As for the internship itself, she wrote content for the station’s site and responded to tweets. In addition to seeing first-hand how radio personalities interact with celebrities, Scroggins summed up advice to other interns: “Be willing, and have a good attitude.”

Plus, she pointed out to the daily the importance of not feeling entitled. “Don’t think you’re entitled to anything. If somebody asks you to get coffee you ask, ‘Do you want cream or sugar with that?’ ”