Colin Quinn’s Real Estate Game

Star of The New York Story reveals how he spices up his pedestrian moments.

ColinQuinnNewYorkStoryFor, Jeryl Brunner regularly chats with celebrities to glean some of their favorite things about the city. One of this week’s participants is Colin Quinn, currently performing his acclaimed one-man show The New York Story.

Depending on your point of view, what he shares here is either: a) A great way to spice up the daily commute; or, b) A cruel and unnecessary form of punishment:

“I like to walk around and fantasize that I bought all these buildings back in the day – that I own all these buildings. That’s what I actually do. I fantasize to myself, “What if I owned this whole block?” I do this on every other block in New York. But now because I’m performing my show at the Cherry Lane Theatre, I do it at Barrow and Bedford a lot…”

“It’s just shocking to me how stupid I was that I never noticed that this is the best place to invest. I never even thought about real estate. I was a kid. Real estate’s a different world. It had nothing to do with me, you know what I mean?”

Quinn’s stage director, Jerry Seinfeld, previously did the “What do you love about New York?” honors with Brunner. His observations were surprisingly vanilla.

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