CNN’s Piers Morgan Grows ‘A Pair’

CNN’s Piers Morgan was eviscerated on his show last week by Breitbart’s Ben Shapiro. Ever since, Piers has been itching for a rematch. The former UK tabloid editor has been attempting to taunt Shapiro on Twitter since the two squared off in hopes of getting a second bite at the apple. For now, the apple is ready to be bitten tonight.

But will it really happen?

Shapiro was originally booked to appear on “Piers Morgan Tonight” tonight, but soon learned it would be him against a room full of victims of violence and cancelled. Ben says he was “promised a balanced debate” but Morgan tried to deliver a townhall of victims to make an emotional appeal.

Morgan tried to taunt Shapiro, asking “Do you have a problem looking them in the eye?” Adding, “Grow a pair.”

Ben retorted, “I think you engage in cheap emotional ploys rather than rational discussions. You might call it standing on the graves (of Sandy Hook).”

When what was to be a one-on-one debate turned into Morgan “stacking the deck” became publicly known, Piers claimed Ben “didn’t want to face gun crime victims.” Ben, who outraged Morgan last week when he pointed out that government sometimes becomes tyrannical, responded back, “Tell you what, Piers. I get to bring Holocaust victims (you don’t believe governments can go tyrannical). ‘Balanced,’ my ass.”

Shortly after, the rematch was off.

Then it was back on again.

Shapiro tweeted that Morgan, “has reversed course, now guarantees 2 solo segments. He will undoubtedly continue to exploit SH. But it is back on.”

We’ll see if this holds up.

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