CNN Newspaper Summit Apparently Goes Well

We told you the other day how CNN was planning on pitching its CNN Wire news service to newspapers at what they had dubbed the “CNN Newspaper Summit.” Well, looks like the AP would do well to take heed because E&P is reporting that the all-expenses-paid multi-day Summit went well.

Few specifics were presented, [according to several editors and publishers] but welcomed that approach as CNN executives spent more time asking them what they wanted before presenting a formal newspaper package.

No pricing plans were put forth…CNN officials said more formal proposals and packages would likely not be presented until after the new year.

Some attendees to the all-expenses-paid gathering said they would like to see more extensive photo options and more specifics on national, international and breaking news.

So! Good news that someone is still willing to spend money on newspapers…or is it? All expense paid is no small thing these days, particularly to pitch to an industry that does not look to be making any sort of profit in the foreseeable future. Thoughts?