Money Magazine Puts a Ring on Sharon

The publication’s latest annual ranking of America’s top 50 small towns is out. Topping the 2013 list is Sharon, MA. Population: 17,944; median home price: $375,000.

It’s a three-and-a-half-hour road commute to NYC from Sharon, making the top small place a little impractical for Manhattan day jobbers. However, for those toiling in Boston and Providence, it’s a perfect hop, skip and real-estate-inventory jump.

As is the case each year, the Money list is generating all sorts of localized media coverage. Matt Coker of OC Weekly is somewhat dumbfounded that the highest-ranking CA town is La Palma (#38); a real estate agent in Shrewsbury, MA (#15) explains how the magazine’s selection criteria greatly benefited her hamlet; and a Texas mayor has arguably the best reaction quote in connection with #44:

“This year, Money [magazine] recognized the love our residents have for our town and all of our ‘pfests,’ from Chili Pfest, to Deutschen Pfest to the Pfarmer’s Market and Pfirecracker Pfestival, which all add to our small town feel and make Pflugerville a desirable place to live.”