This Tweet Was So Not on the @CNNMoney

Network vertical clumsily closes out a long, difficult week

Today’s article by CNN Money media reporter Frank Pallotta, “Has There Ever Been a Sadder Week in Journalism?,” now sports the following addendum at the bottom:

Editor’s note: This story was written from a place of deep respect and admiration for Simon and Carr. We regret our original first sentence to this story, have amended it, and sincerely apologize.

Media observers have been having a hard time this week with the way many folks casually grouped together the sudden departures of Brian Williams and Jon Stewart (announced) with the sudden deaths of Bob Simon and then, David Carr. So when this tweet crossed the wire Friday afternoon, it essentially broke the camel’s back.


The tweet was picking up on the first sentence from Pallotta’s item, and has since been deleted. On a brighter note, earlier today, Pallotta was recalling via Twitter his one and only meeting with the late New York Times media critic:

I met David Carr once. I told him who I was and that I worked with @brianstelter. He asked me smiling, “Did Brian make you shave your head?”

I was so, so nervous going up to him, but he knew exactly what to say to make me feel comfortable. I have to assume he did that for so many.

As Twitter user Steven Ross (@Promootheus) noted, the “absurd” CNN phrasing wouldn’t have been any more palatable even if it had managed to include another key media departure this week: Rosie O’Donnell.