CNN Bought Zite

News is just breaking that CNN has bought the iPad developer Zite for an undisclosed sum.

Zite, maker of the well-known iPad app, launched last year with the goal of bringing the best reading experience to all tablet owners. Its app creates a personalized reading experience by learning each user preferences and finding the web content that best fits that use.

KC Eston, the general manager of CNN Digital, had this to say: “Zite represents the next generation of content discovery and personalized publishing and CNN wants to help lead in that space. We think we can advance the industry in a meaningful way that helps content creators grow their businesses while growing the distribution of a product that people already love. Zite’s technology can also be used to help CNN’s Websites and apps serve more personalized content, making our current digital services even better.”

Full details haven’t been disclosed, but Zite (the app) will remain free in iTunes and Zite (the company) will continue to function as a separate entity.