CNet Launches a Magazine

Fans of, the tech website, say hello to CNet, the magazine. The New York Times reports that the site sees this expansion as a necessary step in becoming a “multiplatform brand.” Also, as a way to remind people that LL Cool J is cheesy as hell.

CNet is a quarterly publication, available for $5.99 a pop. It offers original content, so visitors will have something new to check out. There have been 200,000 copies of CNet printed, and they’re on sale at newsstands and stores like Walmart and Target.

The decision to launch a magazine in this shaky print climate might seem odd, but the execs at parent company CBS Interactive are convinced people want more CNet, not less. “The future for this brand is multiplatform,” Jim Lanzone, president and CEO of CBS Interactive, told the Times. “We know the audience wants to experience CNET in multiple ways.”

Well, we guess that settles it. But let’s check back on CNet in five years, just to be sure.