Digital Strategist Still Glad She Quit Facebook

Tonight’s CNBC documentary “The Facebook Obsession,” hosted by Lester Holt, features a segment about LA-based digital marketing strategist Alana Joy (pictured), who famously quit Facebook last June as part of an organized protest.

Joy is still on every other social media platform, from Twitter to LinkedIn to Myspace, so she’s not exactly a hermit. FBLA decided to check in with Joy, seven months after she deleted 500+ friends and signed off Facebook for good, to see how it’s going.

“It was the privacy issues and also the overall lack of authenticity and disrespect for their users that has made the most profound impact on me,” Joy tells FishbowlLA via email. “Facebook initially pitched themselves as a private place online where college students could post their debauchery without having to be worried about family members, potential future employers, and definitely third-party applications, websites and advertisers finding out about it. In just a few years’ time, look at how much that’s diminished and how their approach has changed. They broke their social contract and lost my trust indefinitely.”

“Considering that thousands of people participated in the [June 6, 2010] protest and that the media helped spread the word,” she adds, “I can safely say that was more impact than I could have hoped to have. I got countless emails and tweets from people telling me they too quit or were quitting, taking the protest a step further on their own.”

Joy jokes that the thing she misses least about Facebook is being “poked.”