Clip of Naked Man at Buckingham Palace Turns Out to Be a Stunt

Why was there no PR firm involved?

In totally unsurprising news, a video that went viral (does a million views even qualify as viral anymore?) over the weekend turned out to be a promo stunt for a show on the E! network.

The client, which clearly has plenty of money left over after promising $100 million to various people whose names start with K*, created the stunt with its ad agency BBH Los Angeles.

Here’s the initial video, which is somehow even more poorly acted than an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians:

Yesterday, Cosmopolitan’s resident expert in all things British wrote that “It has to be [a viral marketing stunt], because Queen Elizabeth would NEVER.”

Right he was!

The campaign is fairly elaborate: it includes a fake tabloid web site and the E! version of a fake press release; this all started around Christmas with a video of The Queen, better known as Elizabeth Hurley, dropping an “f-bomb” during a speech.

Unfortunately, no one at the agency was able to discuss the project with us today. We wondered which PR team could have been responsible before realizing that every single E! employee might as well be on the PMK*BNC payroll.

*Note that one of the conditions of the contract prohibits young North West from being featured on the show. Maybe some things are still sacred?