Clinton and Howe: Building the Perfect Home and TV Set


Interesting story from the Washington Post the other day about interior designer Rosemarie Howe being forced to take a stand to explain that Hillary Clinton’s White House bid was actually done in her real live house, not on some set as the pundits had been saying, and that Ms. Howe was responsible for all of what we saw. That long, run-on sentence you just suffered through really about sums up the first few paragraphs. Then the really interesting part kicks off, with a descriptive tour of what we saw in the video and about the rest of the Clinton’s Washington home. Here’s a little:

She says the senator from New York has been very involved in updating the Whitehaven Street property, which they’re swatching through room by room. Howe has finished the living room, dining room and kitchen, yet is always searching for special pieces and fabrics to update the look. Upstairs, she has redecorated the bedrooms, including Chelsea’s digs when she’s in town. Downstairs, she has added storage to the basement.

“You would think she is too busy to think about this, but she really cares about these things,” Howe says. “She makes decisions quickly but does it with enjoyment.”