ClearVoice Measures and Scores Writers’ Social Influence: How Do You Rank?

imageAnalytics are either your best friend or your worst enemy. And now, there’s a platform to not only track how your work is being shared, but will give you a score. I hate to compare, but ClearVoice, launched in June, is basically a Klout for digital journalists. Anita Malik, Vice President of Content Operations for ClearVoice, says:

There was nothing out there to score content creators and look at what authorship was doing out there in the marketplace and going beyond Google authorship to give brands and publishers a real view of what writers are able to offer in levels of expertise, who’s improving in what area, and who will give them a good voice for their audience.

It works like this: you do a search for your name and the platform pulls up all the indexed sites that you’ve posted on. You claim your work, create a profile, and voila. You have a ClearVoice score. The hope is that you can use that to coerce and editor into paying you more, find more tailored gigs if you’re a freelancer, or just brag to the guy in the next cube that you rule. It’s really up to you how you use it. 

One drawback for for now is that their developers are still working on indexing sites, so it’s possible (like in my case — only my HuffPost work comes up in their search) that a site hasn’t been indexed yet. Or, says Malik, there are some authorship markup issues. Which is sort of another reason to use the platform: you can fix how your work is attributed we to you. If you run a search and nothing’s coming up, it probably means the places you’re writing for is messing it up somehow. You can fix it or, if you think it’s just a matter of the site not being indexed, contact ClearVoice directly to have their developers take a peek.

Come fall, they also plan on launching an Assignment Desk, where publishers can post jobs and choose writers based on areas of expertise and score. Malik says the payment model is still being worked out, but it will probably be attached to the writer’s ClearVoice score. In the meantime, writers can register through the site as they claim heir profile, get on a waiting list for the Assignment Desk.

As for paying writers based on a score, she says it’s giving writers more value. “For me, it’s amazing that a writer can say, this is how I measure up, it’s objective, and turn it into praise or cold hard cash.”

Thats never a bad thing. Check out the platform and let me know what you think in the comments below.