Clearspring ConnectedAd Brings More Metrics to Facebook App Ads

Clearspring is launching a new service today, proving that widgets are still a great way to spread ads across the web. Entitled ConnectedAd, the new Clearspring service aims to further close the circle on social advertising via widgets made for Facebook and MySpace.
This is achieved with additional metrics for better analytics and reporting. For instance, advertisers can now measure all conversion metrics surrounding a given widget, from comments to news feeds, the number of times a widget is shared, along with notifications and fan page links, to name a few. Previous offerings limited metrics to site installs and views.

What’s different about the Clearspring ConnectedAd approach is the fact that it takes widgets created for platform use into consideration and layers in more advertising-related methods for analytics purposes. What Clearspring is doing is effectively building out its ad network as it specifically applies to these social network platforms.
Clearspring was among the first to offer its widgets for availability on Facebook and MySpace platforms, and the company was also ahead on the curve for programs enabling other developers (and later non-developers) to create integrated widgets to run on these social network platforms. For Clearspring’s own ad network, this was a good approach, as ads run on various widgets could be pushed further throughout the social web.
Taking this concept a step further for better empowering the advertisers is what Clearspring ConnectedAd is aiming to do in a more direct sense. The benefit of doing so is the increased ability to reel in more data, and give greater feedback to advertisers. In turn, advertisers will get a better grasp on the effectiveness of various integrated campaigns on social networks.
No word on optimization options based on increased metrics on Clearspring’s end, but the widget company has been involved with widgets, advertising and soial network placement for years now. It appears that Clearspring ConnectedAd is an extension of the company’s existing advertising and widget-distribution options, enhancing upon the foundation that Clearspring has been building since launch.
The new ConnectedAd offering from Clearspring is also a result of social networks opening up their platforms and promoting cross-site cooperation, but we’re still seeing a grea deal of activity for such platform-based advertising coming from third parties like Clearspring instead of Facebook or MySpace. For now, that’s good for Clearspring, especially as it presents itself as a centralized service for distributed ads across mutiple networks, sites and online social services.