Classic Nethack Game Reborn as the Free iPhone iNetHack: Let the Maze-Quest Begin


In the ancient days before SimCity, before Wolfenstein, and Super Mario Bros., there was Nethack. Nethack use simple ASCII text characters positioned by cursor control characters on 80×24 (columns x rows) screens in university campuses everywhere. It was based on an earlier maze-quest role-playing character game called Rogue. And I, quite honestly, spent way too many hours playing the game. I just noticed Nethack has been ported to the iPhone and is available for that fan favorite price: Free!…

iNetHack 1.1 (iTunes App Store)

Actual graphics have been substituted for many of the objects. And, you don’t have to be a touch typist to play the game quickly (keyboard cursor controls). But, having just installed it on my iPod touch for testing, it is still a lot of fun even though I can’t figure out how to pick up objects in this touch screen version. Even with that big problem, I can tell iNetHack is going to be a productivity de-enhancer.