CJR Study Finds Speed Trumps Accuracy Online

A study by the Columbia Journalism Review’s Victor Navasky finds that, in the magazine world, the push to break news quickly on the Web outweighs the desire to maintain traditional standards of accuracy and precision.

After contacting over 3,000 magazines, and getting 665 responses, Navasky found that 35 percent of magazines don’t fact check their online content with the same rigor they apply to their print articles. 59 percent of magazines don’t apply print copy editing standards to their websites — with 11 percent not copy editing at all. The study also finds that only about a third of magazine web sites manage to turn a profit.

The results of the study, as well as Navarsky’s analysis, can be found here.

Having worked in both the print and online worlds, we here at FBLA want to go on record as saying we dont beleivez dis study atall. Interweb standarz is very high. We dont needz the help wit, the copyeditin;