Freebeacon Does Mike Allen’s Politico Playbook (A La ‘Game of Thrones’)

If kingdoms of the Middle Ages had their own Mike Allen. Or, “Mike Allyn,” as the Free Beacon‘s C.J. Ciaramella puts it in his parody of the popular Politico Playbook.

Ciaramella posted a “Westeros Playbook” early Friday morning, a mock tip sheet in the style of Playbook and based on the popular Medieval fantasy drama “Game of Thrones” on HBO.

In the parody, Playbook’s “little bird” tips come from “a little raven”; the “Behind the Curtain” feature is alternatively “Behind the Veil”; and the sponsored messages in Playbook, usually from some energy or manufacturing company, are instead fake advertisements for a whore house (“At Chataya’s House, our experienced and exotic women provide weary gentlemen with the finest pleasures of the Seven Kingdoms and beyond”).

Non-viewers of “Game of Thrones” are likely to miss most of Ciaramella’s cute references… But here’s an excerpt:

PREVIEW: Public approval of Iron Throne dips following starvation and wanton pillaging, latest poll finds.  Ser Zogby’s latest poll, to be released later today, will find lower public approval of His Grace. A 10-day tracking poll of 1,200 wastrels and peasants finds 39 percent saying the kingdom is heading in the right direction, down from 44 percent in the previous poll. Fifty-six percent of respondents disapproved of His Grace’s handling of the economy and would like some bread.

Ciaramella explained to FishbowlDC the inspiration behind the parody. “Reason‘s Peter Suderman was talking on Twitter last June about how Game of Thrones was basically Politico writing a fantasy novel, and I said, ‘Someone should write Westeros Playbook!,'” he said. “Like most things I do, it took almost a year from idea to execution. I’m a big fan of the books and show, so the hardest part was nailing the Playbook format and style. It looks simple enough, but after writing one fictional Playbook, I have no idea how Mike Allen does it every day.”