City Paper Advertiser Irked By “Vomit” Art

One Adams Morgan business owner is slightly upset at the recent City Paper feature “Still Life, with Vomit”:

    I think it is a disgrace for you to perpetuate the negativity that other publications have associated with our neighborhood. Nothing is going on here that is not going on in front of other nightspots throughout the city.

    Being a neighborhood business person and a (former, at this point) advertiser in your paper, I am appalled that you decided to run this type of story. It’s a pathetic ploy at piling onto an already sensitive but correcting issue.

He goes on to say:

    You not only have lost a frequent advertiser, you have also ignited my disdain for your continued irresponsible message. I am taking this beyond this e-mail. I will head a concerted and motivated effort to boycott your advertising and classified sections, including your “pimping” the phone sex advertisements you have in the back of your rag. And like the Post, I don’t want to hear that they are two separate entities. I’m sure expenses aren’t paid on good looks, right?

Hell hath no fury like an advertiser scorned.