For Citigroup, Life’s a Breach

Hackers compromise account information

Citigroup is the latest hacker target. The company announced that hackers viewed some of its credit-card clients’ account information. Citi Cards has more than 21 million accounts, about 1 percent of which were compromised by the security breach.

The company reassured customers that hackers did not gain access to vital information, such as Social Security numbers and card security codes and emphasized that debit cards were not compromised. Despite the assurances, the Financial Times reports that “several people” said their debit cards were compromised. These customers only learned of the breach once they attempted to use their accounts and were subsequently denied.

The Citigroup breach is particularly worrying as online banking systems are known for being some of the most secure networks on the Internet. The hack comes amid recent hijinks at PBS, the ongoing Sony debacle, and security breaches at defense contractors last month.