Circle of Moms Reaching 850,000 Moms on Facebook

Ephraim Luft and Mike Greenfield, the duo that built Circle of Friends early on in the days of the Facebook Platform, today are going public about their latest project that has been flying under the radar in recent months: Circle of Moms.

Circle of Moms operates as both a Facebook application and website and is currently the fastest-growing and 2nd largest “social network for moms” (behind Cafemom) on the web. Women use Circle of Moms to connect with other mothers, create groups and communities, and share gift ideas. Moms are also able to create profile pages for their children and give virtual gifts to both their children and their friends’ children.

What’s unusual about Circle of Moms is who’s not allowed in: men. The company’s Facebook app uses Facebook’s new Demographic Restrictions feature to only allow access to women. (Of course, users could enter a false sex in their Facebook profile and still gain access to the app if they really wanted to.)

The point is, Circle of Moms is trying hard to build a real community of moms. With over 850,000 moms engaged in just a few months, Circle of Moms is certainly off to a fast start!

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