Launches Ad-Free Sanctuary

The website is a perfect example of today’s online movie journalism frontier. From the Pacific Northwest confines of Vancouver, WA, editor Josh Tyler watches over staff in New York, LA, and elsewhere.

One of his east coast contributors, Katey Rich, has been given a brand new blog on the site, “Kino Katey.” But that’s not the big news. Rather, it’s the fact that Tyler has decided to offer her dedicated observations on a web page devoid of any Internet advertising. Writes Tyler:

“Kino Katey” will be the first part of Cinema Blend to roll out on the Internet completely unsupported by ads, or unsupported by anything else. We aren’t making any money off it, instead we’re paying money out in an effort to breathe life into this little section as a reward to all of you.

Crazy? Inspired? A sign of hybrid things to come? Who knows… It’s virgin territory, both figuratively and literally, thanks to a “Kino Katey” Wednesday feature for which the author watches a movie she’s never seen and then video-blogs about it with a rabid fan.

@hollywoodspin Richard Horgan is co-editor of Fishbowl.