Cindy Sherman Partners with MAC Cosmetics on Limited-Edition Makeup Collection

Just before the weekend, the MAC Cosmetics brand has announced that it will be collaborating with artist and photographer Cindy Sherman on a limited-edition collection of what looks like borderline theatrical makeup. It makes sense, of course, given that Sherman is the undisputed queen of artistically rearranging her own face to look like different people, but the three images that will serve as the campaign for the new line are a touch off-putting. Though we suppose that’s what makes the whole thing edgy and artistic, like this chunk of the press release about the collection which, in the second paragraph, features words but doesn’t really say anything:

With the help of props, makeup, prosthetics, wigs and sets, artist Cindy Sherman embodies this Power of Transformation — from off-kilter Hitchcock heroine to fresh corpse, Caravaggio Portrait to Park Avenue Plastic Surgery Maven — all elaborate exercises in trying on different personas.

In the campaign we’ve longed forever to conceive, Cindy Sherman for MAC created three characters using three different colour stories. We’re living in a time when people of all persuasions have become bolder than ever about the ways they choose to express themselves: with a colourful palette of possibilities, You are the Artist, You are your own Subject, and no matter how fearfully you begin, you become fearless in the process.

If you’re eager to suffer through all that fear to become fearless, the Cindy Sherman for Mac collection launches at the end of September.