Ciao For Now and Those Pesky Poll Results

Remember that Aug. 29 poll on whether bloggers should credit photos they pull from other web sites? Well, we got results. And we’re finally getting around to posting after wasting time on sites like Bound By My Hook, eBay’s vintage clothing and accessories forum and too many other blogs. Well, let’s see. Twenty-eight of you voted (including test votes from this writer and an Unbeige web technical staffer). Surprisingly,46 percent of you thought it was ok to pull photos from other sites without asking for permission. Thirty-five percent feel that we bloggers should email the webmaster at the site in question first, then pull the photo with permission and of course, put a photo credit up. The rest of you (17 percent) said we should create our own images in Photoshop. Nobody and we mean nobody (0 percent) said we shouldn’t use any images at all.

That last bit of business finished, it’s time to say so long, farewell, and the all that schmaltzy stuff from this writer, who’ll return to posting at The Sewist blog next week. Alissa returns to work on Monday. Email her lots of links to keep her busy, ok?