‘Chutzpah!’ A New Film on Anthony Weiner

Just when you thought all the mindblowing clips on New York mayoral hopeful Anthony Weiner were caput, we have “Chutzpah!” a new documentary film by Stateless Media.

The film was produced by Peter Savodnik and reported by The Hill‘s Alex Bolton.

“HEY TELL WEINER HE’S A REAL DICK!” a man in a blue tank top and a beach hat shouts into the camera.

The dirty texts. Voters. Closeup interactions with Weiner. A Las Vegas blackjack dealer with whom Weiner sexted. A rabbi. Down to the music, this film has it all. “You know what I find sexy?” the wavy blonde-haired blackjack dealer asks. “I find his political passion so sexy. I still do.”

The blackjack dealer is a real hoot. She thinks all men masturbate with the minor exception of President Obama.

Weiner even tries to help out Stateless Media, who sold a previous film to The New Yorker. “What do I have to do to make them buy it?” he asks after being ambushed by them in an elevator. “Do I have to do something dramatic [where] only you get to see it? Whatever it takes, I’ll do it right here in this elevator.”

Uh oh. Right there? Watch here.

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