Chuck Todd Has a New Podcast

Todd will interview one guest a week.

He may have Meet the Press on Sundays and MTP Daily Monday to Friday, but for Chuck Todd, that’s not quite enough time to spend on interviews, which is why he’s adding to his Q&A load with a new weekly podcast.

Called 1947: The Meet the Press Podcast, the name is a nod to MTP’s history; 1947 was the show’s TV debut year, but its roots are even older. “Meet the Press started as a radio show, so it’s very much at home as a podcast,” Todd says in the introduction to the series.

Unlike Meet the Press, however, there will be no roundtables. Featuring just one guest per episode, the weekly podcast gives Todd a chance to go in depth with his interviewees. “You’re used to seeing a lot of conversations begin on Meet the Press and Meet the Press Daily,” Todd says. “Now, here’s a place where we’ll always have time to make sure those conversations can actually come to an end.”

There are four episode already up for the sampling. Guests include New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd; astronaut and biologist Kate Rubins, who speaks to Todd from the International Space Station; New York mag contributing editor Andrew Sullivan and NYT executive editor Dean Baquet.

Politics, for its part, is relegated to an occasional topic of conversation, rather than the be all end all.

You can check it out here.