Christopher Knight Takes Design Criticism To 9-12 Rallies


Following Glenn Beck‘s much-discussed transformation from political commentator to art historian, the LA Times Christopher Knight has returned to critiquing right-wing design critiques (his first was over Rush Limbaugh‘s claim that President Obama‘s new health care logo was Nazi-like) by going after the logo for the Beck-affiliated 9-12 Project, a rally this past weekend in Washington D.C. Unfortunately, despite all of Beck’s cries against the supposed communist messages embedded in the Rockefeller Building in New York, the 9-12 group doesn’t really seem to mind putting them in their own pieces of work, as its hard to deny the origins of the thrusted fists they use in their “Taxpayers March on DC” logo. With great detail, Knight gives this logo as much attention as Beck had given the Rockefeller, making for a very fun read. All of this is entirely petty, for sure, but isn’t most of what goes on in politics? And who doesn’t like seeing Knight fight back?

Update: Turns out that Knight had it a bit wrong. While Beck was one of the leaders behind this past weekend’s rally, he was not behind the logo itself.