Christie Crap: Politico‘s Poop Cruise?

In a very Zucker-esque move, Politico is going all-in on the Chris Christie “Bridgeghazi”  (h/t The Wire for that little gem) Story today. By our count, there are TWENTY TWO Christie stories on the Politico homepage. Yowza! Not since CPAC have we had this much Christie all up in our grillz.

All aboard! Hitch a ride with FishbowlDC on Politico‘s Gratuitous Chris Christie Crap Cruise:

chris christie on election night

1.) Christie’s damage control
2.) My time with scandal-hit Christie aide
3.) 15 Christie controversies you missed
4.) Giuliani: Bridge scandal a ‘prank’
5.) The aides felled by Bridgegate
6.) Mayor: I take Christie ‘at his word’
7.) Christie: ‘I am embarrassed’
8.) Media’s mixed response to Christie
9.) Crisis gurus praise Christie’s response
10.) The many faces of Chris Christie
11.) Christie presser: 2 hours in 2 minutes
12.) Class-action suit filed over bridge
13.) Christie ally pleads Fifth to panel
14.) Christie scandal tests Wall Street
15.) N.J. pol wants Christie federal probe
16.) Kean: Christie questions remain
17.) Buono: Christie report ‘horrifying’
18.) Boehner stands by Christie
19.) Friedman: Christie story ‘really sick’
20.) Christie’s critics savor his misfortune
21.) Jokes, jeers follow Christie presser
22.) Pelosi: Christie bridge vs. Super Bowl

(h/t tipster Marty Chase)