Amanpour’s Return to CNN is Today

We’re always weary of news organizations who cover their own stories and reporters. For obvious reasons they are not going to be the most hard hitting stories in the crop. CNN spent “a few minutes” with Christiane Amanpour to re-introduce her to the CNN audience. She begins a new stint at her old network today hosting a global affairs program on CNN International.

In the “interview” they ask her six questions. As we said, this is why networks ought not interview their own talent.

  • “CNN is family.  CNN is where I’ve been for decades and it is from here that I’ve seen the world change.  CNN has played a role in all the changes that we’ve witnessed over the last three decades, so for me it was a really wonderful opportunity to come back…” (yawn, yawn and a big stretch)
  • Words of wisdom from Amanpour: She says her interview subjects will not be the usual suspects (hmmm, like the politicians and pundits found on ABC’s “This Week”?). You probably don’t need to attend J-School for this bit of wisdom but we’ll go ahead and share it: “Getting a good interview requires a journalist make certain he or she is well informed. You must do your homework and research – and you cannot be afraid to be disliked or challenged in the pursuit of the truth.  Persistence is at the heart of the best journalism because obviously many people just don’t want to answer tough questions.”

Visit here to read the rest or if you just want to see how long it takes for your eyes to glaze over or your nose to bleed. Actually, your nose bleeding might be more entertaining than anything in this in-house interview.