Christian Lacroix Comes Back To Fashion (and explains what he’s been doing since he left)


The saying goes “everything old is new again” and that couldn’t be more appropriate a fit than this story in the SF Gate: “After 20 Years, Lacroix Finds He’s Fashionable Again.” Not only is it about Christian Lacroix‘s fall from grace in the fashion industry, once things started getting less loud, but it’s an interesting look at a fashion design just kinda waiting it out until things turned back his way (see: more loud again) and he’s once again back in top form, with a fashion show mounting this week. Here’s some about the man himself and what he was doing in between eras:

Lacroix doesn’t confine himself to designing clothing; he also lends a creative hand in planes, trains, hotels, children’s toys, opera costumes and an affordable line of furniture and fashion for the French discount company La Redoute. He’s also designed two Evian water bottles available only at restaurants. He is involved in just as many art projects as fashion projects; recently, he was named president of the National Centre of Stage Costume in Moulin, France.