Chris Matthews’ In-law Charged With Smuggling Pot

They don’t make fathers-in-law like they used to.

And at this point, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews must be hoping that his son’s relatively new wife’s father, a ship captain, isn’t guilty of being involved in an $8.1 million international drug bust. But it’s not looking good. Federal agents seized 4, 497 pounds of pot on a 79-foot sailboat traveling from Jamaica to the U.S. The boat belongs to Matthews’ in-law, James Ormonde Staveley-O’Carroll.

Matthews’ son, Michael, is married to Sarah, whose father, in addition to being a sea captain, is an admitted liberal firebrand. Michael Matthews, 27, is a filmmaker who graduated from Brown University in 2005. He got married in March 2010. At the time of their wedding, Michael was a third-year film student at Tisch School of the Arts; Sarah was a third-year law student at NYU.

The story was first reported by the Cape Cod Times.