Chris Lehmann Will Manage Yahoo News

Bookforum editor Chris Lehmann is moving on over to Yahoo News — the single-highest-trafficked news site on the internet — as managing editor. Lehmann (pictured here with wife Anna Marie Cox) recently sold a book based on his column for The Awl, “Rich People Things.” Lehmann will continue editing Bookforum while at Yahoo News, because he is 100% made of hero.

Joining him is Brett Michael Dykes, perhaps better known as blogger and Gawker contributor “Cajun Boy,” who will be covering national news.

While the official Yahoo News site isn’t expected to launch until later this year, Yahoo does currently feature its own news blog, dubbed “The Newsroom.”

Both hires were brought on by Yahoo News blog editor Andrew Golis, who has been at his post for five months following a stint as deputy publisher for TPM Media.