Chris Begat Christina

We don’t often write about the Baseball Prospectus, which even in this city gives an all-new meaning to the phrase “inside baseball,” but the City Paper has an intriguing little piece this week:

“At the end of an Aug. 11 Salon story about the Oakland Raiders came this short author bio: ‘Christina Kahrl is a sportswriter who lives in the Washington, D.C., metropolitan area.’

“Kahrl had previously written only as Chris Kahrl. Kahrl, who lives in Fairfax, says that other than by a few friends and co-workers, the addition of four letters went unnoticed.”

It did, however, mark her public transition from male to female, a process that began in 2003, all the more interesting because it happened in a profession that, that as Dave McKenna writes, “is still a male-dominated realm where, well, you’ve got either two balls or two strikes against you.”

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