Chris Ayres on Voting and the Issues at Hand


If you’re confused about the voting process in California, Chris Ayres, the London Times correspondent, tries to make it a little clearer. He writes:

And yet if you spend, say, a minute on each page of the secretary of state’s propositions guide, and five minutes researching each of the 106 candidates, and then an hour on the local propositions, you will have been doing election homework for 12 hours. But here’s the catch: as the turnout for elections falls, so too does the number of signatures you need to get a proposition on the ballot. The lobbyists must love it.

Fortunately, Ayres notes what’s really important–the history of his local polling place:

MORE election news: LA residents who vote at my local polling station should look up before casting their ballot. Why? The station is at the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Strip, where one Keith Richards, of Dartford, Kent, once hurled a colour TV set out of the window of suite 1015. With any luck, Richards will be safely in London today.

That Hyatt has seen more than it’s fair share of rockers behaving badly: Keith Moon also defenestrated a tv set, and John Bonham rode his motorcycle through the halls.

FBLA urges all voters to Ramble On.