Chitika: Most smartphone and tablet owners use default browsers, iOS users more likely to download alternatives

The majority of mobile users for both the iOS and Android operating systems lean toward using the default browser on their devices, according to a new study today from Chitika, although some smartphone and tablet owners have downloaded alternative browsers.

Chitika reported that while most mobile owners use their default browser, iOS owners were more likely to download alternatives than Android owners.

Online advertising network’s Chitika Insights team analyzed a sample of their web traffic from the U.S. and Canada, which included online impressions from its advertising network, between Aug. 28 to Sept. 4.

Browser distribution based on ad impressions for iOS broke down with Safari at an 85.03 percent share, Chrome at 3.07 percent and other browsers — e.g. Dolphin, Atomic, Mercury and more — at 11.90 percent. Android’s browser distribution had the built-in Android browser with a 91.26 percent share, Opera with 5.83 percent, Google’s own Chrome browser with 2.34 percent and Firefox with 0.56 percent.