Chinese New Year Condescension Watch

From Laist:

Happy Chinese New Year! The Year of the Rooster begins today and we encourage you to follow the traditions that will ensure your prosperity for the next 12 years. Being poor and destitute in Los Angeles because you didn’t honor the proud male chicken just doesn’t seem like a good plan.

Thankfully, because we just started the South Beach Diet, the most important practice of the day is easy.

From Daily Candy LA:

The year of the rooster brings honesty, practicality, and vanity.
So you’d think illicit valentine’s affairs, waistline-swelling
chocolates, and over-the-top Grammy numbers would be a cock-a-
doodle-don’t this weekend. Guess again, Mr. Rooster!

If they talked this glibly about Rosh HaShannah, I’d be throwing a hissy-fit.