Chinese Media Ignores a Second Flying Shoe

Remember when an Iraqi journalist threw a shoe at former President George Bush? That was fun. Well, it happened again, except this time, it was in China and no one reported the story.

At a University of Cambridge speech, a bystander tossed a shoe at Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao. The Associated Press sets the scene:

In the live broadcast of the speech on CCTV’s Web site, the camera remains fixed on Wen, not showing the shoe or the protester, although his remarks and the sound of the shoe hitting the stage can be heard. Wen pauses, glances sideways as the shoe hits the stage, and then continues his speech.

However, according to the AP story, “state-run newspapers and Web sites in China carried stories on Wen’s speech but had no reference to the shoe-throwing. Content mentioning it on Internet forums also appears to have been deleted.”

Thankfully, the Chinese blogosphere covered the incident. Bloggers, changing your opinions about journalism, one step at a time.