Child Goes the Way of Elle Girl — Away From the Newsstand

Just in from AdAge‘s Nat Ives:

Meredith Corp. has decided to stop even trying to sell Child on the racks, ceding that territory to books like its own Parents and American Baby as well as competitors such as Parenting from Time Inc., Cookie from Conde Nast Publishing and Wondertime from Disney Publishing.

They’re spinning it as the new distribution reality for magazines, which are now largely mired in a post-celebrity-mag bubble world.

So, you mean to tell us you’re going to take that impossibly cute kid off the newsstand, robbing him (or her — not totally sure) of the improbable chance of talent and/or modeling scout discovery, followed by formidable years of questionable self-worth, loathing the “hacks” on America’s Top Model and escaping the harsh realities of post-Child modeling in favor of the “forgiving” arms of Hollywood, just for some “new distribution reality”?

Way to go, Meredith. Way. To. Go.

Reality Check: Meredith Yanks Its ‘Child’ Off the Newsstands [AdAge]