Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry Launches Contest to Find Someone to Live Among Their Exhibits for a Month


While lots of museums have tried to cash in on the Night at the Museum film franchise, hosting sleepovers among the exhibits, Chicago’s Museum of Science and Industry is upping the ante by a few more nights (and weekends). They’ve just announced “Month at the Museum,” a project/marketing effort to find one person to spend 30 days living in their 14-acre building, from October 20th to November 18th. They’ve just launched a hunt for someone who is available to eat, sleep, and breathe nothing but science and industry for that period (and one who can also get off work for a month), with semi-finalists picked in late August and a winner chosen sometime, presumably, in mid-September. To lighten the financial load a bit, the win also comes with $10,000. And it’s not just limited to Chicagoans, so if spending a month in a museum sounds appealing, jump on it. Here’s a quick description of some of the requirements:

Physical and other specific requirements of the position may include:

  • Sleeping in confined or “untraditional” spaces.
  • Significant walking around the Museum, including climbing stairs frequently.
  • Lifting up to 40 lbs. (Of what, we don’t know yet. We’ll think of something.)
  • Ability to stand for significant periods of time. (This might include working the Museum floor, performing live science demos, blowing up chemicals in our “Bangs, Flashes and Fire” show, and other really fun stuff.)
  • Meeting, interacting and socializing with crowds of Museum guests every day…with a smile.
  • Working on a computer daily to write about your amazing experiences.
  • Speaking English for demonstrations and other appearances.