Chicago’s Field Museum Wins ‘America’s Best Restroom’ Contest

The Stirling Prize? The Pritzker? Who needs ’em when there’s been a winner selected for a far more important contest. Following up on a story we’d posted over the summer when the shortlist was announced, and something we’re sure you’d been on the edge of your seat about ever since, the America’s Best Restroom contest has chosen Chicago’s own Field Museum as the greatest in the country. Granted, the whole thing is just a marketing effort for Cintas, a provider of restroom equipment, and it’s perhaps not the greatest accomplishment to be known for, but still, we here in Chicago will take what we can get. Here’s a bit about what brought the Field Museum the gold:

With two large family-friendly restrooms on the ground floor, the Field Museum features sufficient stalls and sinks, as well as eco-friendly hand-dryers. The women’s restroom has a special nursing room with a shut door, sink, and small sofa for new mothers. The women’s restroom also has a large Tot Area with smaller toilets for our littlest guests. The restrooms are also right across a Nanny Caddy filled with diapers, band-aids, wipes, etc.