Chicago Dogs in Good Company

Chicago Dogs in Good Company

millenium13_lg.jpgA reader sent me a great rundown in response to my post last week about the new dog park scheduled to be built in Chicago’s Grant Park. The anonymous tipster writes:

* $150K for any public works project is peanuts in Chicago, I expected a bigger number, so I don’t think this has our usual political payoff undertones.

* The spot in Grant Park is just a few blocks South of Millenium Park which has tons of press recently with the Frank Gherry band shell, etc.

* With M. Park opening, many of the old office buildings in the neighborhood are quickly (and successfully) converting to high-end condos. Overlooking the M. Park/Grant Park grounds.

* The Mayor lives about 10 blocks South of the dog park spot.

* There is another dog park to the north in Lakeview/Lincoln Park neighborhood that is not nearly as nice, but perhaps more interesting…it is actually a Dog Beach, with a gated and secure area that you can let your dog roam and play in sand and surf.

* One other item… Grant Park has perpetual rabbit problems…they’re everywhere in the Spring! (The city pays someone to trap and release them outside the city!) Maybe more dogs is just what we need in Grant Park. Or maybe the fence is to protect the dogs from the hordes of rabbits.