Chi-Town Huffpo Hits Pay Dirt

Huffington Post launched it’s first local blog on Chicago in July of this year.

Yes, it was obvious by June that local boy, former South Side ‘community organizer’ Barack Obama was the democratic nominee for president. But who could have seen all that was to come?

First, shocker, Barack Hussein Obama actually wins the presidency of the United States. Yes, it was one of two outcomes – but no one saw it coming.

So score one for Chicago local beat.

Then angry hottie Congressman from Illinois’ fifth congressional district Rahm Emanuel gets tapped to be chief of staff.

Chicago politics are then on the map. And about to pack up and move to DC.

Then amazingly in the same week the Tribune Company (publisher of the Chicago Tribune) files for bankruptcy, the governor, Rod Blagojevich is caught red handed (er open handed) by another local hottie US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald.

How perfect a pick for Huffington Post? So just as the most juicy national news was just about to be concentrated in one tiny specific region – that’s the test city for the first local edition for Huffpo?!

We don’t believe in psychics – but we’d put money on their Super Bowl pick.