ChevronWP7 Windows Phone Jailbreak Tool Pulled. But, It Looks Like a Happy Ending

Remember the:

Windows Phone 7 “Jailbreak” Process Ready for the Holidays

announced just last week around Thanksgiving (U.S.)?

Well, get ready for the only voluntary jailbreak retraction I’m aware of:

Microsoft reaches out to Windows Phone 7 jailbreak developers, unlocking tool pulled (

The interesting aspect of this development is that the tool retraction is not the result of a threat. Instead, TNW reports that: The team and Watson established a mutual understanding focusing on the teams efforts to enable homebrew possibilities and broaden the development of Windows Phone 7 apps and tools.

If this results in a more open Windows Phone ecosystem, then the ChevronWP7 team’s efforts will be hailed as a catalyst for what I think will also be a better mobile ecosystem.