Chevron Achieves Social Media Success By Fighting Spam

Just a neat story to close up this Thursday about how sometimes social media success starts with rolling up your sleeves and doing some totally (seemingly) random grunt work.

Chevron has 55,000 followers on LinkedIn, 12,000 members of its LinkedIn Group and ranks in the top 20 percent for engagement among all groups on LinkedIn.

But after Chevron took corporate control of its group (which had been started unofficially by an employee) the group was full of “spammers and recruiters.”

Chevron’s Jeordan Legon says one of the first things they did was clear out the chaff, establishing guidelines for communication. Once they did that, they created a “safe space for energy leaders to come together.” In fact, all new requests to join the group must be approved by Chevron and all profiles of group members must be publicly accessible (to promote accountability among members).

“We fostered trust among [the group’s] members so they can have ongoing open, honest, and intelligent conversation,” Legon said in a presentation. Now, half the group’s members are energy industry employees.

Who knew, though, that the key to a successful social media strategy was fighting spammers and acting as the virtual gatekeeper?