Cherrypal Africa $99 7-inch LCD Netbook: The Heart of 2010’s Hardware Hacking Projects?

Image courtesy of Cherrypal

Remember the very first Asus Eee PC netbook? It had a 7-inch LCD display and used a custom Linux distro for its operating system. It was a bit underpowered but managed to start a revolution anyway.

It looks like Cherrypal took its cue for Asus and brought back the first generation hardware design at a much lower price point…

Cherrypal Launches World’s First $99 Laptop

The Cherrypal Africa has a 7-inch LCD display (800×400 pixels), a 400MHz processor, 256MB (that’s “megabytes”) RAM, 2GB flash storage (you read right, 2GB, not 20, not 200), two SD card slots, and WiFi. And, it uses either Windows CE or Linux as its base platform.

And, oh yes, it really does appear to cost just $99.

My suspicion is that the Cherrypal Africa will not be used as a netbook. My guess is that at $99 it will form the heart of many a DIY (Do It Yourself) hardware hacking project. Let the hacking and modding begin!

Cherrypal Africa product page