Cheri Young on Happiness

Who better to advise on the basic American tenet of happiness than Cheri Young, wife of Andrew Young, the former aide to presidential hopeful Sen. John Edwards (D-N.C.) who agreed to be the father of his boss’s mistress’s baby?

On this morning’s GMA on ABC, George Stephanopoulos gingerly led the hand-holding couple through an emotional interview recounting the charade that Edwards’s presidential campaign was trying to pull off — that the baby was Young’s, not the candidate’s.

On Rielle Hunter living with them: It “was just something Mommy and Daddy had to do,” Cheri said she told their children. And apologies galore: “I can never apologize enough to Cherie and her family for the hell I put them through,” Andrew said.

The best part came when the fantastically-named Cheri espoused her views on happiness. Stephanopoulos wonders how the couple maintained an aura of happiness throughout the time Hunter lived with them, including Christmas in Aspen with the kids. (“Christmasss in Aaaspen,” Hunter coos on a video.)

Stephanopoulos asks the pertinent question: “Well, it looks like you guys became a [GIANT PAUSE] happy family?”

Cheri’s profound thoughts: “Just because we were happy in a video doesn’t mean we were happy. We had to be happy. We were with our children,” Cheri said. “If we would have continued to be unhappy we would have been miserable. We’ve chosen to move on. You learn a way to be happy.”

Watch the video here.