An Art Installation Destined for Dave Chappelle’s Approval

It sounds more like stand-up comedian therapy than an art installation. As such, maybe recent Hartford heckle casualty Dave Chappelle can be compelled to stop by at some point for a photo opp.

Per DNAInfo’s Alan Neuhauser, Chashama art group is readying a ten-day October installation on West 37th Street that will encourage passers-by to come on in, jump on stage and tell a few jokes. Instead of two-drink minimum patrons, however, there will be an audience of 30 toy dolls, animated with occasional bursts of hot (laughter), medium (coos) or cold (wails) response:

“They’re a pretty giving audience,” said comedian Jo Firestone, who’s organizing the installation and will be working the controls for the babies’ responses. “They don’t like the inappropriate stuff, though. No rape jokes.”

Our suggestion for those planning to participate is to consider some tailor-made material. Along the lines of “Am I right about Cabbage Patch dolls!?” and “Don’t get me started on doll house contractors.” The 26-year-old Firestone, a female stand-up, also produces various other funky-dunky NYC events including the pun-tastic Punderdome 3000.